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Hannah's Story

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Hannah and I enjoy bird watching also known as “birding”. Did you know that bird watching is one of the most common activities across the globe? We often find that some activities are popular in particular countries but completely unheard of elsewhere. Take ice hockey as an example. Ice hockey is the # 1 sport in Canada but complete non-existent in Kenya. Bird watching is different! In a way, it unites people from all over the world as people can relate to this amazing activity. Birding is getting increasingly popular as well.

And this is the main reason why I started this blog. I would like to share my passion for birds and my wealth of experience with others. In this way I can help others get to know more about our feathered friends. At the same time, I am contributing my fair share to growing this fine hobby.

Birding is a very therapeutic activity as well and it has personally helped me in many ways. I used to suffer from anxiety and bird watching would fill me with joy every time I came back home after a busy day.

Some people grab a book or go for a walk to relax. I sit on my couch and watch birds in my garden instead. I mix it up from time to time as well. Sometimes I go for a walk to watch the rarer birds or I read a book about birds. Thank you for reading my bio. I promise I will give my best in my posts based on my own experience. Whatever I do not know I will thoroughly research. In the end, we want the best for our beloved birds.